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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 August 7 thru 11 Art Retreat
Blue…infinite…..Lustre of the soul…Blue’s character moving inward, lighter on the inside and darker on the periphery.  What happens when other colors interact with blue?  Create inner balance as you experience peacefulness through working with blue.

Mornings:  9am, our color work begins with a given blue study that will develop into a painting over the 5 days. We will practice the veiling technique with watercolor, and motif with various artistic methods.

Our focus in the mornings will be to develop form and motif ‘out of the color’, an approach inspired by Goethe and Steiner that perceives colors as the visible outer garments of invisible forces.

Afternoons:  One afternoon session sketching in charcoal or ink, in Colorado’s magnificent nature. Drawing upon the art of Kandinsky and Franz Marc, we will develop landscape sketches into paintings and explore color exercises inspired by Marc’s animal paintings. We will practice animal gestures with light/dark composition in ink.   Create your own color studies.   Material:  watercolor, gouache, ink, pencil or charcoal

Evening Presentations:  Franz Marc & the Blue Rider group, Artistic presentation Jennifer &Ammi
 Health through Anthroposophy with Philip Incao

Tuition:  $355 includes supplies, plus 5 organic veggie lunches & snacks
Deposit:  $75, nonrefundable, to reserve a space
Accommodations:  B&B, Hotel, Camping
Meals:  nearby cafes & organic food stores.
Location:  Sun Studio in Crestone, Colorado

Sign up & info:  Jennifer Thomson, POBox 894, Crestone, Colorado, 81131,
Spend 5 artistic rejuvenation days at the foot of sacred mountains:  Time for mineral hot spring soaks & swims. Hike in the National Forest or Sand dunes National Park or visit Crestone’s spiritual centers.  See wildlife.  Renew yourself and your life path in contemplation and color in nature’s beauty in Crestone 8000ft. Alpine Valley.
Art is, after all, only a trace…like a footprint which shows that one has walked bravely and in great happiness.  Robert Henri

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