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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Portland Oregon Art Retreat
September 19-24, 2016
With Jennifer Thomson

Landscape Painting
Experience fall through five days of Art

Autumn’s clarity, light changes, coolness, earth’s aroma, signals an inner soul change from summer’s dreaminess to Michael’s wakefulness.

Mornings:  Veil painting: Let spaces of Blue, Gold, Orange & Red arise.  A hint of Green, shimmering.  In the periphery overlapping veils of yellow, red and blue die into grey, contrasting the light.  Add Black for weight and wakefulness.  Feel the release of light. As outer nature dies, an inner light appears in the autumn landscape.

Over 5 days, we will explore various artistic approaches to landscape painting.  Such as color moods, gestures, color relationships, compositional light & dark and inspirational exercises from artists of the past.

Material:  watercolor, gouache, charcoal.

Work Space:  Studio & Outdoors ……nearby area:  garden & creek, possible 2 afternoon outings at Sauvie, Columbia Gorge or a Japanese Garden (depending on weather)
Bring with you:  brushes & note pad or sketch pad

Daily Class:  9am to 5pm (2 hour lunch break)

Tuition:  $425 includes art supplies, 5 veggie lunches and snacks.

Deposit:  $100 nonrefundable, to reserve a space

Accommodations:  $25 to $35 per night with a community family.  Call Kathy or Robin
Location:  Lovely westside, forested setting in Portland, Oregon.  Details given upon registration.

Info & Sign up:  Robin Lieberman,, 503-222-1192
1410 SW Morrison Street, Suite 901
Portland, Oregon 97205
Kathy Kremer,   503-636-1977
Jennifer Thomson,,

Upcoming Summer Retreat August 2016

August Art Retreat
12 to 16, 2016

Darkness & Dawn

Peach blossom, Rosa, and Green give luminosity, as ethereal world presents itself to balance the earthiness of Blacks and Browns.  We will explore lightness and weight through color and the art of painting.  The moving colors awaken our own inner movement and we begin to perceive a motif that condenses from the flowing color.   
Taking the theme of Persephone ( a Greek myth), we will aspire creativity to awaken the motif artistically.  Mornings are devoted to this ongoing exercise of watercolor veil painting.  Afternoons, a variety of artistic exercises devoted to compositional work inspired from Emily Carr and Lawren Harris’s art.  One outing will be sketching & painting in the National Forest.  We will practice techniques from the ‘Group of 7’ to apply in our own 

Evening Presentations:
Canadian artists, Emily Carr & Lawren Harris Artistic presentation: Ammi & Jennifer
Health through Anthroposophy by Philip Incao

Material:  watercolor, gouache, ink and charcoal

Location:  Sun Studio in Crestone, Colorado

Tuition:  $355 includes supplies, plus 5 organic veggie lunches & snacks
Deposit:  $75, nonrefundable, to reserve a space

Accommodation:  B&B, Hotel, Camping

Sign up & Info:
Jennifer Thomson
Sun Studio
PO Box 894
Crestone, Colorado 81131

Renew yourself and your life path in contemplation and color in nature’s beauty in Crestone 8000ft. Alpine Valley.