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Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Art Training in English in Switzerland

Art and Modern Western Spirituality
An Art Program in English 

Three Trimesters at the neueKUNSTschule in Basel, Switzerland

Beginning September 21, 2015 the neueKUNSTschule in Basel will be offering a new program in English. The course will consist of three trimester terms, each lasting 11 to 12 weeks. Each trimester can be attended individually. Attending all three trimesters will qualify as a first year of the full artistic training towards the Diploma of the neueKUNSTschule.

The program is designed with the following prospective students in mind:
  • Students who wish to deepen their understanding of art and contemporary Anthroposophy without committing to a full training.
  • Practicing Artists or young artists who have recently completed their studies, who would like to explore and research the relationship between art and Anthroposophy on a profound, up-to-date level. 
  • Students who are pursuing a career outside of the arts and are interested in cultivating artistic skills as a basis for a more effective engagement in their careers. Whether Waldorf-teachers, doctors, scientists or professionals in other fields, the course holds as a principle - man’s creative need for the artistic in the work he undertakes.

Classes will be given on four mornings and one afternoon per week. The school studio rooms are available 24 hours a day for students to continue their work in between. 


1st Trimester: Colour

With reference to Goethe’s Colour Theory and Rudolf Steiner’s colour studies and their further development we will approach the being of colour in its painterly elements. In drawing, we will explore the different possibilities contained within shading and the use of light and dark.

The practical work will be supplemented with theoretical studies of colour theory and the history of (post)-modern art and contemporary art in relation to colour. We will use a variety of materials from self-produced tempera to watercolour, ink and a wide range of drawing devices.

2nd Trimester: Visionary and Imaginative Qualities in Art

What is the source of inner pictures? How can we find access to our visionary and imaginative life through painting? How do we develop 'exact fantasy' in our artistic work? Those are the core questions of the second term. With a variety of approaches and methods, among them working with fairy tales, we will awaken our form- and narrative fantasy, so that we can create pictures out of what lives in our soul. This work will combine drawing and painting as means of awakening our hidden resources. 

The theoretical work will concentrate on Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on art and the sources of fantasy and on the visionary in art history and contemporary art.

3rd Trimester: Perception and intuitive Art.

What more is there to see? How do we experience the visible as a gateway to the invisible? In reference to Steiner’s descriptions of the hidden and suppressed beings in nature we will explore the realm of perception. Through what we learn to perceive in painting and through our studies we will come to see new dimensions within the open secrets of world and nature. We will be working with new techniques of pastel, tempera and watercolour and will be spending much of the time working outdoors.

In the theoretical studies we will be looking at philosophies of perception and investigate the meaning of the discovery of perception in (post)-modern art.

The Program consists of 18 hours a week. The cost is 2900.- CHF per trimester.
Registration is open until 2 weeks before the trimester starts.
For questions or registration:
Or contact us through our website: