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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Upcoming Conference at the Goetheanum

Ascension Conference

Finding Creative Will between Life and Death
Thursday,  May 29th until Sunday, Jun 1st , 2014
The Visual Art Section warmly invites you to our Ascension Conference. For the last few years we have focussed our attention on the Will. This year we will concern ourselves with questions related to the forces of life and death in the Will. What is our connection to the phases of life and death, and how does that affect our activity and work as artists? Do we have sovereign Will in our artistic activity? In what way are we led by the laws of the world and by the rules of life?
With these questions in mind we want to connect with our contemporaries. How can we connect with young artists and enter into a healthy exchange? What can we experience and learn from them, and what does the anthroposophical art impulse have to offer the present art scene? What is our relationship with new media like performance art, video, photo, film and other emerging digital technologies?
To introduce such research questions, we have invited a number of capable philosophers, doctors, art teachers and art students. Most especially, we wish to invite young artists and interested people to work with us. Therefore we ask every ‘older’ participant (over 40 years old) to invite and bring along a younger colleague (under 40) artists, art students, and those interested in art. Every ‘older’ colleague is asked to support his young colleague where possible so that no one is prevented from attending the conference because of financial reasons. Where this is not possible the Visual Art Section will try to help as well. So no one is prevented from coming for lack of finances, we urge everyone to donate what they can towards helping others.
More information in the programm.

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