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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Goetheanum as White Magic, or Why Is Anthroposophical Architecture So Important? by David Adams

As the Anthroposophical Society prepares in 2013 to once again close down the Goetheanum auditorium in Dornach and over the next year to perform a variety of overdue restoration work on the stage, roof, and terrace of this now 90-some-year-old building, it is worth inquiring once again just why this Goetheanum artwork is so significant for anthroposophy and for the world.

It is not generally known that Rudolf Steiner, in addition to the seventeen buildings he designed, delivered more than seventy lectures about architecture, primarily concerning the Goetheanum?1 He also wrote several essays on this topic and included many more important discussions and references on architecture and the Goetheanum as ”side topics” in other lectures. Why did Steiner feel the Goetheanum, and architecture in general, to be such an important subject? We know he would not have come to such a judgment lightly. 

For link to the whole essay click here. 

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