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Friday, December 16, 2011

News From the New Art Section Council: Dec.14, 2011

Amersfoort, 14 December 2011

Winter greeting Dear Colleagues!

With this letter we want to wish you a lovely Advent and a wonderful Christmastime. With Christmas, the Holy Nights begin. We hope that these nights will bring your past year to a good closure and that they might open your new year with lots of inspiration. We wish you a very good wintertime, and a happy, healthy and good new year.

We want to inform you about developments in the Art Section.

At the end of November we had a Section conference, as you know. Around 75 colleagues from various parts of the world came to meet each other, to study together and to built up further the Section organisation. Two reports come with this letter: one in German by Martin Zweifel and one in English by Michael Howard.

It is a great pleasure to be able to announce that we came to a decision in November about how to organise our Section in a new way. This form will accompany us for the next few years and we will have to see how it works. It seems to be a form that gives a structure which can hold us on the one hand and, on the other hand, give us enough flexibility. You can read more in both reports.

Right now we want to look forward and to tell you about the new initiatives.

On (16), 17, 18, 19, 20 May 2012 we will have our annual Section conference in Dornach. We will continue working on the capacities of spiritual research in the realm of the visual arts. But we also want to add the theme of inner development, inner schooling. How can the arts strengthen our path of inner development? How can this path strengthen our art?
We also have in mind to extend the possibilities of getting to know each other through our art itself. We will have the opportunity during this conference to show our work in several places in the Goetheanum, in a ‘Section exhibition’. Further information will follow in the spring.

As to spreading this information:
We are still busy working on modernising and cleaning up our Section data lists. Your help is indispensable here.

If you receive this letter by E-mail, then that is good: you are in the new data system.
If you receive this letter by regular mail and if since last September you told us you would like to have information this way, then that is also okay.

But if you did not let us know how you want to receive our information, you should absolutely do so without delay! Please contact us with your postal address and, if possible, with an e-mail address. This letter is the last letter you will receive ‘in the old way’. In 2012, we will only contact the colleagues who have made themselves known.

Please send your data to Tanja Hietsch, mail to:
If you do not wish to respond, you will be able to follow us via the Newsletter, Stil, Das
Goetheanum or on

The new Section Council is happy about all the support we encounter through the colleagues who participated in November and from the mail, letters, and other means of communication from other colleagues who showed their interest. We thank you for that!

With all best regards,

Rik ten Cate
Christiane Schwarzweller Gottfried Caspar
Martin Zweifel
Michael Howard


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