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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Report From Laura Summer at Free Columbia

Toward Next Year
Report on Meetings:

A few weeks after the conference Ella and Laila and Nathaniel and Nick and I met to review how things had gone and to begin to look toward next year:

Look back
see the room
vast – filled with darkness
            and light and movement
lots of movement
air and people walking
and walking
stop motion
it is a huge room
and color moving and still
and forms
in the air
on the walls
on the floor
rooms full of questions
            would a conscious artistic movement that lifted experience out of the object, lift humanity to some extent out of the material – widening the experience of reality?

Look forward

So we scheduled a meeting of everyone who was interested to come and talk about next year. We met on Sunday, September 25 at Bright Wing Studio in Hillsdale NY.
Eleven people came. We had read the 5th lecture, (Moral Experience of the Worlds of Colour and Tone), of the cycle by Rudolf Steiner called “Art in the Light of Mystery Wisdom”

First we recreated the content of the lecture together. Ella led us in an experience of the intervals in tone. We sang an interval and tried to identify our experience. We shared the results and then read the description of that interval from the lecture. Sometimes we could recognize similarities. Then we reported on the thoughts that had been discussed at the earlier small meeting. We talked about experience and reality. We talked about light and color and sound. We talked about working together and how valuable that is. We will do something next summer, it looks like it may be concerned with experience, light, movement, color and sound but what that is exactly will arise out of our working together.
Next meeting November 6, 1-4 pm at Bright Wing Studio, 651 Harlemville Rd, Hillsdale NY 12529, all are welcome. Please let Laura know if you are coming  518-672-7302

Pre reading:

Technology and Art , Dornach 28 December 1914
the jelly mold lecture)
Moving Pictures: The Cycle “Metamorphoses of Fear” by Jan Stuten: Sketches for a new Light-Play-Art after an idea of Rudolf Steiner by Wolfgang Veit (Stuttgart: Urachhaus, 1993) – Summaries and Translations

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