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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Laura Summer Reports on the Image Art from the Perspective of Spiritual Reality Conference

Dear Participants in 2010 and/or 2011 August Conferences,

Those of you who were here know that we had an inspiring conference on August 5-8, Image Art from the Perspective of Spiritual Reality. Today some of the conference organizers met informally and talked about the conference. As we talked about next year things started to move. We have some ideas and if you are interested in carrying this forward with us, meeting during the year, studying together, please let us know. Some people told us during the conference that they would like to be a part of future preparation, Nic Tuff, Jude Neu and Simeon Amstutz, but there were others who mentioned it.

We would like to have a meeting of people interested and for this purpose I have set up a doodle:
We will choose the date which is best for the most people.

Here are some links for you all:
Rosemary Mcmullen’s blog about the conferences:
The Art Section in North America blog:

Free Columbia’s site with the link to the web album:


Travis Henry <file://localhost/site/threefoldnow>

Johanna Berger 
Involuntary Park

If anyone has email info for :
Chrissy Benson
Martin Stenius
Lauren Morley
Susanna Segnet
Tim Kowalski
Please send to me.

Also send me photos and I will add them to the album

Thank you all so very much for such a great conference, Laura

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