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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweater of Rain: Gesture Stories by Laura Summer

The gesture of a story

When we think of a story we think of a plot, characters, setting and meaning but we can also look at the gesture of a story. What, in a gesture, is a story trying to say? Do we look inward? Do we turn our thinking around? Do we struggle through darkness to light?

In creating these stories I tried to see what the gesture of a season is. How is Advent different from Easter? What happens at Ascension? At Michaelmas? In creating paintings and block prints to accompany these stories I tried to bring the gesture of the season as it is revealed in the story into visual expression. You will not find illustrations here but rather visual experiences that may make you question, what gesture lives here?

The story here is for Ascension, it is called “Swinging Bridge”. It is one of four gesture stories from the book “Sweater of Rain”, available from Free Columbia.

~Laura Summer

Links to the story: Part 1  Part 2

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